Task Summary Tips. With USC’s first-year application deadline for merit scholarship consideration coming up on December 1st, many students are putting the finishing touches on their application. The typical Application provides a section for students to discuss their principal extracurricular, volunteer, and work activities. As admission counselors we know that each and every student will probably spend their time outside the classroom pursuing activities that are different therefore we thought it absolutely was important to fairly share some guidelines and misconceptions regarding this an element of the application.

Tip: Focus regarding the activities being the most important to you. We are most interested in what has influenced you and your life, whether it’s taking care of your younger siblings after school, publishing poetry become published, or playing in your school’s soccer group.

Misconception: ‘Applicants require to own a certain quantity of community solution hours to be competitive in the college admission process.’

The facts is the fact that it’s ok if community solution plays a huge part in your life or perhaps a small one. We’re not dedicated to making sure applicants meet a certain checklist of types of involvements. At the end of the day, we’re many interested for the reason that you are pursuing your interests and interests in some capacity.

Suggestion: Explain the organizations with that you simply’ve been involved! Although some acronyms are commonly known, such as ASB for Associated Student Body, we may never be knowledgeable about every nickname. Don’t assume that the social individuals reading your application are familiar with every task offered at your school or in your community.

Misconception: ‘Colleges are just interested in knowing that students keep busy. If you join lots of businesses, you’re set.’

We hope to see applicants who have dedicated themselves to a few activities that interest them, rather when compared to a washing listing of lots of involvements. It’s not crucial just how numerous organizations you join, but that which you did as being a member or leader in that company

Tip: we understand that students are going to have varying amounts of time to dedicate to different things while we are looking for students who are well-rounded and will contribute to our campus. High school students have actually a lot on the plate: challenging courses, household obligations, trying to maintain a balanced life and hopefully have a great time during the time that is same! Verify both you and your interests come through in the application so on you and played a role in your life that we can better understand what experiences have had an impact.

Discover USC Open House


In only a day or two, our campus will be hosting the Discover that is annual USC House on Sunday, November 18. This big event that is all-day an opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore campus. Campus tours will likely be available throughout the day, in addition to various sessions covering topics such as for instance academic programs, campus life, the admission process and school funding. Whether it is your first time campus that is visiting your 20th visit, Discover USC is a fantastic chance to interact with our staff, faculty and present students and to get to understand the various educational departments on a deeper level.

Throughout the course of the there will be student panels that consist of current undergraduates who will share their experiences and answer questions day. The Academic and Student Life Interest Fair will bring together most of the academic units along with many organizations and representatives from Student lifetime to discuss their programs that are respective. Academic departments will hold information that is general in addition to more specific programs, such because the Thornton School of Music’s ‘The Music Industry and Popular musical’ session, the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Science’s session entitled ‘USC Dornsife Pre-Health: A Holistic Approach to Advisement,’ while the Engineering EXPO that includes mini-seminars focusing on academic resources and special programs in the Viterbi School of Engineering. The Office of educational funding will also host hourly sessions to discuss the various scholarships, grants, Federal Work-Study, and loan options available at USC.

In general, it is sure to be a day that is wonderful our campus community all fits in place to welcome a huge number of prospective pupils and families to our annual Open House. Reserve your spot now for the November 18th Discover USC program by signing up online. We hope to see you here!

Tick Tock… the December 1st Deadline is Almost Here!

The December 1 merit scholarship due date is fast approaching and we already have completed applications in our bodies that we’re difficult at work reviewing! We expect to receive an influx of applications over the next few days and our staff that is entire the mailroom towards the application readers- are gearing up for the ‘busy season.’

If you’re a first-year applicant that would like to be viewed for the merit scholarships that we award, you will need to submit your Common Application and USC Supplement by December 1st. The deadline that is final apply to USC is January 10, 2013.

A number of our talent-based programs have actually an application deadline of December 1st, as well:

All majors inside the educational School of Cinematic Arts

All candidates to the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs within the educational school of Dramatic Arts

All majors within the Thornton School of Music

All applicants towards the World Bachelor running a business program within the Marshall School of Business

Remember a lot of USC’s programs require supplemental materials in order to utilize. Review the USC Supplement guidelines to make sure you have completed all necessary materials for your intended major.

Now is just a time that is great finish your application, make sure everything, and submit it. Don’t wait before the last possible second to review your application! I am sure you intend to spend your Saturday something that is doing more pleasurable than re-reading your college essay.

While we never expect students to experience difficulties that are technical their application, sometimes things never always get as planned. You can contact the Common App Support Center if you experience technical difficulties with the Common Application or USC Supplement at any point. However, you can contact our office Monday through Friday during business hours at 213-740-111 if you have questions about USC or the admission process is royal vegas casino legit.

Best of luck publishing your application by the December 1st deadline!

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